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Turn Data into Customers with Custom CRM Solutions

Data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to attract customers, 6 times to retain customers, and 19 times to be profitable.

Boost Efficiency with Less Overhead

Time is money, and our custom CRM solutions are designed to save you plenty of both. By streamlining workflows and automating repetitive tasks like follow-up email, we help your team to work smarter, not harder.

Limitless Growth, Without Subscriptions

With a fully custom CRM, grow your business without the fear of subscription fees. Enjoy the freedom to expand your team without constraints, knowing that your custom CRM solution is tailored to your needs.

Protect Your Data

Concerned about the security of your customer data? With a custom CRM, you can rest assured knowing that your data isn’t being sold to competitors. Additionally, that you're meeting all regulatory requirements, protecting your business from legal issues.

Convert Leads to Loyal Customers

Maximize opportunities to upsell, and refine your sales pipeline with highly personalized content and offers. Real-time analytics empower data-driven decisions, supercharging your sales process today and as your business evolves over time.

Close Deals Faster

Track leads through every step of the sales process with a custom CRM solution. Customize interactions based on the prospect’s behavior. Eliminate the need to decide what step to take by having the application make suggestions based on past actions that have led to a close in similar circumstances.

Increase Lead Volume

Connect your CRM to all of your other tools, from lead generation sources to onboarding tools. Give your customers a world-class experience while freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on what matters most.

Achieve New Heights with a Custom CRM

100% Data Ownership

Protect your data completely

100x Automation Capabilities

Customize automated sequences


Sync your CRM with any tool

Custom KPI Dashboards

Track critical KPIs in real-time

The DataCose Difference - Tech Partnerships

At DataCose, we build applications that solve real-world problems. We take a partnership approach, thinking beyond the initial development to ensure all decisions made maximize ROI and set the stage to meet long-term business objectives. We succeed when you succeed.

About Vehicle Registration Services

Explore how we helped Vehicle Registration Services to slash errors by 75% and save 30 hours every week, revolutionizing their operations.

About We Treat

Discover how "We Treat" revolutionized client management for over 300 medical spas with our custom web development solution.

About Marine Concepts

See how we supported Marine Concepts with a custom Order Management System and dealer portal, saving them valuable time and resources.

About The Gathering

Discover how our custom solution streamlined processes for "The Gathering" philanthropy club, enhancing membership retention and event management.

Our Proven Project Success Blueprint

At DataCose, we've delivered, designed and launched more than 20 applications, serving 21,000+ users, and generating $3.3M+ every month. We know what it takes to develop and launch a successful product and have a success blueprint that we apply to our projects to guarantee results.

Saving You Valuable Time and Resources

Our planning stage is all about efficiency. By thoroughly analyzing everything upfront, we avoid mistakes down the line. Bringing your project to life is faster and costs less, all while maximizing your ROI and the value received by your end users.

Bringing Your Idea to Life

We take care of all the technical components required to develop, test, and deploy your product. Rest easy knowing that your application is in great hands, ensuring a high-quality, scalable product that maximizes your ROI. Stay focused on your business objectives while we bring your vision to life.

Ensure Your Business Thrives

Our relationship doesn’t end at launch. We stand by you, gathering user feedback, making necessary iterations, and ensuring that your platform remains up-to-date with industry trends, business needs, and user expectations. Your success is our success.

Hear from Our Thriving Partners

DataCose are experts at saving hours each week. They were able to complete a job that was taking our previous team months to complete in a matter of days. Their communication is great and fast to respond. DataCose had no problem making multiple revisions to get the job done exactly the way we needed it and we will certainly be working with DataCose for any future development projects.

Brandon S.

Miami, FL

DataCose is an amazing partner for us as we build our business. From helping us strategize about how to automate mundane tasks to building out custom data systems to make our business run more smoothly, Dylan and the DataCose team provide incredible service and expertise that we desperately need at this early stage of our business. I would highly recommend working with them!

Lauren H.

Rockland, ME

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CRM function?

CRM systems work by collecting, organizing, and managing customer information to streamline interactions, improve customer service, automate sales and marketing tasks, and enhance overall business relationships.

What are the benefits of building a custom CRM system?

Building a custom CRM system has clear benefits for your business. It helps to make operations smoother and faster, which saves time and money. With a custom CRM, your company can track customer information better and make smarter decisions, which can boost sales and revenue. It's easier to give customers what they want, leading to happier customers who are more likely to stick around and buy more. And as your business grows, the custom CRM can grow with it, keeping everything organized and efficient. So, a custom CRM is a smart investment that pays off in many ways for your business.

How can I be confident that the cost of a custom CRM won't exceed my budget?

With our Proven Project Success Blueprint at DataCose, your custom CRM project stays within budget while maximizing ROI and avoiding budget overruns. During planning, we save you time and resources by analyzing everything upfront, leading to faster development and lower costs. In development, we handle all technical aspects, delivering a high-quality product that maximizes ROI. After launch, our support and maintenance services keep your CRM system thriving, ensuring it remains up-to-date and aligned with your business needs.

Is a custom CRM solution right for my business?

If your business has unique processes and requirements that off-the-shelf CRM systems can't fully meet, if you're looking for a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and workflows, and if you want to have complete control over the features and functionalities of your CRM, then a custom CRM solution could be the right choice for your business.

When does a business need a CRM system?

A business needs a CRM system when it starts facing challenges in keeping track of customer interactions and important data using manual methods like spreadsheets, when it struggles with disorganized customer information, inefficient sales processes, or inconsistent customer service due to lack of coordination among teams, and when it aims to scale its operations and improve customer relationships by centralizing data, automating tasks, and facilitating better communication and collaboration across departments.