Custom Dashboards Overcome Top 4 Challenges

Companies have recently faced many challenges as they faced worker shortages and moved their workforces home and back during the pandemic. However, those companies that successfully maintained very high productivity levels had one thing in common – these companies had invested in custom company dashboards.

Find out how investing in custom dashboards helped companies overcome four challenges and build better collaboration environments. Read on to find out more about dashboards and where to get customization.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Dashboard?
  2. The Metrics Maze Mess
  3. Customized Dashboards Overcome Organizational Challenges
  4. App Integration – No Code, Low Code, Custom Code
  5. Building Better Collaboration with a Custom Dashboard

What is a Dashboard?

You may have heard the term ‘dashboard’ around the office. A dashboard is a graphical user interface that allows you, the user, a place to view data, and the interface, at a glance. The data generally will provide key performance indicators or KPIs. This is the data or information relevant to your objective.

To be more simplified, it is an “area” where “users” can log in and interact with data.

A very well-known dashboard that you may be using regularly includes Google Analytics. You log in, and it displays the data that provides information about activity on a website.

During the pandemic, dashboards became quite popular. Though many businesses had been using them for some time, the move to work at home brought the need for more custom dashboards for company collaborations and team collaborations to the forefront.

Productivity has been increased, and workflow has continued despite the widespread workforce using these great dashboards. Keeping all the information, the group needs accessible in one place keeps everyone on track.

The Metrics Maze Mess

As a business, gathering and presenting data transparent and interpretable to the user, today's business metrics without it looking like you are trying to make number sausage isn't easy. It takes a lot of specialized tools, often that need to work together.

Dashboards use various tools in the background to scan, analyze and prepare data into reports, graphs, and other presentations so that employees can act on the information provided. For example, the metrics can help employees fulfill contractor orders, provide specific tooling or details on new products being produced, or help pinpoint bottlenecks or losses.

For many years the mess on many managers' desks was spreadsheets; the metrics maze could be endless and leave some areas overlooked. Today's company data can be neatly presented onscreen, offices look fantastic, and nothing is left to chance.

Customized Dashboards Overcome Organizational Challenges

When companies hire DataCose to build their custom dashboards, we first talk to their leaders about the challenges they face in their organization. Again, we hear that companies face some of the same problems that can be easily solved with a customized company dashboard.

App Integration – No Code, Low Code, Custom Code

Every department and employee has favorite applications that help them perform their jobs better. Platforms like Airtable and Monday allow many applications to be integrated into one platform. In addition, these offer no code, low code options to make adding many different apps onto the platform quick and easy.

Sometimes some applications are needed by a company that is not easily integrated. For example, it may require that custom code be written to allow smooth integration and data flow from the database to the app.

Along with a great, user-friendly, customized dashboard, DataCose has top coders who can write the code to bring in any application your company needs. So don't feel like your options are limited. Your imagination only limits you.

Building Better Collaboration with a Custom Dashboard

When some companies have struggled, others have seen bounding success. What is their secret? Have you asked? Did you know that as part of continuing the sales energy companies had before the pandemic that adding a custom dashboard to their plan made all the difference? Better collaboration kept these companies on top.

Many companies were caught off-guard when their employees were suddenly at home. However, they did not want to lose the ongoing momentum they had earned. To continue producing work with the same level of productivity and security that the company had in the office from their network of home workers, a custom dashboard made collaboration and communication easier.

When your company is ready to consider your options for a customized dashboard and collaboration center for your platform, contact DataCose. Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly. Our team members will give you a no-obligation review of how a customized dashboard will benefit your company and team.

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