Hyperautomation is a Strategy for New Businesses

With the proper planning, you can avoid this pitfall. You can give your business the opportunity for real growth right out of the gate. Read more to learn how hyperautomation is more than a trend.

Table of Contents:

  1. Hyperautomation Predicted Worldwide for Future of Business
  2. What Does Hyperautomation Include?
  3. Leveraging Hyperautomation from the Planning Stage
  4. Hyperautomation is a Strategy
  5. Benefits of Hyperautomation
  6. Finding Top Experts in Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation Predicted Worldwide for Future of Business

Business CEOs and managers worldwide have trusted information and predictions from business insight experts and leader Garner. The trend for today and the future is hyperautomation. As you consider improving your current workflow processes, or if you are in the process of business planning and preparing to build your eCommerce platform, hyperautomation might be a trend to add to your current business plan.

What is Garner saying about this trend in hyperautomation?

It is more than a trend; you need to fully immerse yourself and understand that adding hyperautomation to your business and your future will be necessary for your survival. If you want to compete, you need to take it seriously.

According to Gartner’s research VP Fabrizio Biscotti, “Hyperautomation has shifted from an option to a condition of survival. Organizations will require more IT and business process automation as they are forced to accelerate digital transformation plans in a post-COVID-19, digital-first world.”

What Does Hyperautomation Include?

Hyperautomation is more of a business strategy. It is planning to identify, vet and include automation for as many business processes as you can. You search out available technology to improve the flow of your work processes. It can consist of many tools, platforms, applications, and technologies, including:

  • Robotic Process Automation or RPA
  • Low-code Application Platforms or LCAP
  • Artificial Intelligence or AI
  • Virtual Assistants or Chatbots

According to the research done by Gartner, tools that fall under RPA, LCAP, or AI can be used across industries; they are called process-agnostic. Since many different sectors, IT, and business use cases can be applied to these tools, Gartner is predicting that the market should expect double-digit growth throughout 2022.

Leveraging Hyperautomation from the Planning Stage

At DataCose, our software developers build automation tools, streamline workflows, and help new startups build their eCommerce platforms. Given the prediction for hyperautomation from Gartner, let’s consider what this could mean if it could be leveraged from the planning stage of your business.

Consider those players already out there, you know, your soon-to-be competition. They may have a head start on you, and, yes, they have been in business for several years. From experience, we can tell you—these companies are coming to us for help. They need to reimagine their workflow processes. Add automation, RPA, and AI to improve and stay in business. Unfortunately, these additions are costly, can require downtime, and have already been losing money. Let’s help you work around this.

According to Business Insider, "The average worker spends 51% of each workday on the same unnecessary tasks.”

If your worker makes $45k per year, that is a lot of money wasted. It comes to $22,950 per year per employee. If you are just getting started and want to compete, you need to bypass that. It can be done with careful planning and adding hyperautomation to your business plan.

Did you know? The expected market for hyperautomation is predicted by industry leaders to reach $46.4 billion globally by 2031. So it sounds like it is a trend you need to know.

Hyperautomation is a Strategy

Many known automation tools and strategies are commonplace in business settings. These are the same tools used in hyperautomation. Understand that hyperautomation is a strategy; it plans to use these technologies first, whenever possible.

Benefits of Hyperautomation

There are many benefits of using hyperautomation. The main advantage of including hyperautomation in the pre-planning stages of your business plan is avoiding wasted time, effort, and money. It may take years before you otherwise realize every employee you have is wasting half their day on redundant, repetitive tasks that are stunting your company's growth. Other benefits include:

  • Quickly Process Complex Data Using hyperautomation quickly engages everyone. While the repetitive work may be removed and automated, AI and advanced computing allow complex work to be performed faster with primary input from people.
  • Better Digital Customer Service These are not the chatbots of yesterday. Many customers these days prefer to be able to interact and handle their accounts, returns, and exchanges on their own. In addition, it frees up your employees to do other tasks. If needed, your customer service can be done more efficiently using a chatbot connected to an actual customer service agent.
  • RPA Supercharged with AI and ML Today’s robotic process automation has an extra kick. Most have an AI or machine learning component. The new autoboot is referred to as an IQ bot. It combines AI and machine learning to process information, has optical character recognition and computer vision, and can learn on the job—to hopefully make a quick and flexible decision to give excellent customer service options for your company.=

Finding Top Experts in Hyperautomation

As you are looking at your business plan and wondering where to start, consider DataCose. We may be able to help you in multiple areas as you work to build your new company. We can help you develop your eCommerce platform, custom company dashboard, and portal and create all the tools you need to introduce your company to the world.

We have the world's top UX designers, coders, and automation specialists that can help you from the start to avoid your competition's pitfalls of wasted redundancies. Use the available technologies to build the best workforce from the ground up. For example, our team can build customer service chatbots, integrate tools into all-in-one platforms, and make sure your data can connect.

If you want to get out of the gate running past your competition, fill out the form below. We can show you how. It is a no-obligation review of what you are looking for and what we can offer your business. Let's talk. Are you planning your new business? Have you been looking to start building your eCommerce platform or create your new business dashboard? As you are working over your business plan and mulling over who your competition might be, has hyperautomation come into play? You might want to give it some thought.Gartner states that over 70% of global businesses have hyperautomation plans. That number should speak to you. At DataCose, we work with companies every day looking to reimagine their current workflow processes to add automation as an afterthought. Unfortunately, these businesses are losing money as their employees are caught wasting work hours on repetitive processes.

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