Investing in Web Design Delivers High Returns

Why should you consider hiring an expert web development team for your business website? There is one huge reason – being seen matters. Everything about your business is encompassed in a digital marketplace that should sell your product and deliver to your consumer an entire brand journey.

Did you know that you have approximately 50 seconds to make an impression when it comes to your site? Think about it – 50 seconds. You also have rules, regulations, and requirements from search engines that they use to determine your ranking. If you are not on page 1 – of any search result – you're not getting the business you deserve.

Customers make snap judgments. Studies show that people form an opinion about someone in less than 1/10th of a second. In today's fast click-and-swipe tech-savvy society, users will have made an impression about your site in about 0.05 seconds. If there is that much weight to the appearance and function of your site – why would you not put your best foot forward? Read to find out more about different aspects of web development you may not have considered.

Table of Contents:

  1. Talented Developers See the Big Picture
  2. Meeting Web Accessibility Standards for 2022
  3. Six Essential Sections
  4. Delivering Your Brand Seamlessly

Talented Developers See the Big Picture

Deciding to hire a development team to oversee creating your new company website isn't difficult when you realize how much they have to offer. When you consider how much the appearance and function of your website matter in that first 0.05 seconds, your bottom line will tell you – it matters. Investing in your website means higher ROI for your business.

A top-of-the-line website translates into huge returns. Hiring experts helps guarantee a fast-loading site with a modern design and feel, but these experts have insight into many areas of web development. You may not have considered the best practices for website design in 2022. What regulations apply to businesses on the web? When you are do not meet the standards of both web regulations and consumer expectations, sales drop, and, more often than not, businesses fail.

As you work with your new web development team, you can review the results and measure the ROI on your investment. However, before looking at profit margins, you should review the goals you set for your business with your site. Some everyday achievements expected of a business website are:

  • Brand Awareness.
  • Increased Sales and Leads.
  • Higher Brand Engagement.
  • Increase in Customer Conversions.

Learning how to track key performance indicators (KPI) will be essential to understanding the value of all your website brings to your business. In addition, these indicators are necessary for reviewing factors that may not be related to returns. For example, a non-profit may not measure the value of the site investment by ROIs but by reaching or distributing their message and brand.

Specifics that you can easily track include:

  • Bounce Rate: Is your traffic landing and leaving fast? It could indicate that your page is not optimized for your particular audience. Note that a well-designed page will keep a consumer's interest. The longer you keep your audience on your page, the more likely they will convert to a sale.
  • Traffic: The number of visitors your site receives.
  • Conversion Rate: This can take a few different forms. Is your intent to have your audience fill out a form for further contact? It could be that your goal is to gain additional personal data for your email list. Conversions can also be as simple as a purchase. Whatever your goal, it can be mathematically calculated as (Conversions per month) / (Number of monthly visitors).

Six Essential Sections

Certain features of a website are considered critical by users. Studies have been performed to understand how a user interacts with a website or brand by measuring the amount of time the user's eyes were focused on a specific design element. From these results, content-specific design elements were considered essential to maintaining the user's attention. The six sections noted for their importance in the study resulted in the following data:

  1. The Logo: The average user spends approximately 6.48 seconds looking at the company logo. It can be a popular feature, so be sure to have a great-looking logo.
  2. Navigation Menu: Second most popular in viewing time, the average for users to look over navigation was 6.44 seconds.
  3. Main Image: Users have specific expectations regarding how they believe a site should look. Keep your main image dedicated to their expectations. Your customers will spend 5.9 seconds reviewing and making critical assessments about your business based on that image.
  4. Search Box: Regardless of use, users spend several seconds locating and being reassured that the site is easily searchable.
  5. Content: While you would think the content would be at the top of the list, the truth is that on your front page – the consumer is likely only to spend 5.59 seconds reviewing it. Customers may spend more time studying content they specifically look for, such as blogs, product information, or details on services provided. Therefore, your front page should be ready for the consumer to make flash decisions.
  6. Bottom Page Details: You may think this is the least essential area; after all, most list company locations and links for contact. However, a user spends more than 5 seconds on this section. If a user can make a snap judgment of your site in 0.05 seconds – realize that critical 5 seconds, the user is making opinions of your value and credibility. Therefore, it is essential to get this section right.

As you begin to realize the significance of even the most minor details of your page design – you can understand why hiring an expert web development team can be essential for your business to succeed.

Meeting Web Accessibility Standards for 2022

Another reason to hand over web development to experts is knowing that your site will meet web accessibility standards that are critical in 2022. The Americans Disabilities Act or ADA has acceptable web standards for US businesses. However, according to compliance reviews across the net, in 2021, reports showed that 98.1% of all corporate web pages were failing. If you are designing or rebuilding your company website, being inclusive is a necessary component of your overall corporate reputation. Being accessible is one area where you don't want to drop the ball, so consult with your team to learn how to meet these standards in your overall design.

Not only are there standards for US websites under the ADA, but there are international ones. For example, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WACG are standards that are recognized internationally. The WACG standards are broken down into four areas:

  • Perceivable: Does your site offer aids to those with sight or other disabilities? An example of this would be to provide text alternatives for images, multimedia captioning, or adding assistive technology functions.
  • Operable: Your site, its menu, and other navigational properties should all be working correctly. In other words, is your site accessible for every user to operate effectively? This area also includes ensuring that images and videos on your site are not seizure-inducing.
  • Understandable: Users need to understand both your content and the navigation. The text should be easy to read font size appropriate for all ages and abilities of your users.
  • Robust: Your site's content is expected to be easily interpreted by users, including your added assistive technologies. As advances are made in these features, your site should update and include the improved methods to access your site.

Delivering Your Brand Seamlessly

When you start to understand the complexity that goes into a great company website, then you realize how essential it is to present your business in the best possible way. DataCose has expert web development teams ready to deliver your brand seamlessly. When you only have seconds to impress, creating an enhanced branding experience that envelopes your user, draws them in further with content, and meets standards across the globe is critical to your company’s bottom line and public reputation.

When you need to find solutions, ask questions about web design, or talk to experts in web development and total eCommerce platforms, fill out the form below. Our web development team will contact you and give you a free consultation, guiding you to make the best decisions for your organization. So get started today – get seen tomorrow.

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