Airtable: Basics You Need to Know

Many business owners – large and small – find themselves and their employees are drowning in a spreadsheet nightmare. Spreadsheets have been a valuable way to view and store information, but in 2022 it's like taking an old '32 Studebaker to the Indy 500 and expecting to win. The way we handle information in this modern era is essential for success. As a business owner, you not only want quick, real-time access to data, but you also have to ensure its security.

DataCose provides custom information and team management solutions for businesses using well-known and proven platforms like Airtable. Airtable is being used by the majority of today's large enterprises. Airtable's intuitive platform makes spreadsheets a thing of the past. You can now allow each department access to the information they need to be at the top of their game. The application is unique because it can be an all-in-one platform that can manage your employee hours, task management, customer relationship management, and content management. While the software is easy to use and even comes with a robust, free option, many businesses need some customization to have a product unique to their business and service needs. That is where DataCose can help! Read further to cover some basics of Airtable and how DataCose customizes your solution.

Table of Contents:

  1. Make Spreadsheets Yesterday's Nightmare
  2. The Everything Platform
  3. Foundation Features of Airtable
  4. Getting Started with Customization
  5. Airtable is Affordable
  6. Airtable Customization with DataCose

Make Spreadsheets Yesterday's Nightmare

Your entire management team will appreciate the move to end obnoxious and hard-to-read spreadsheets. Airtable is one of the top solutions to data management on the market today. Many enterprise-level corporations also trust it, so the product has a solid reputation. In addition, you may be searching on how to improve your workflow, automate repetitive business tasks, or find a better collaboration tool that allows access to your data. These business management areas can be solved, improved, or managed efficiently with Airtable.

Jumping into new software can make some hesitant. The idea of bringing a new platform onboard and training your entire staff might make you a little nervous. There is always a learning curve with the latest software, and your data is your largest asset. Protecting your data is essential. DataCose understands that human nature balks at change. Our answer is to help develop a customized solution for your business needs and step you through the automation, workflow, or spreadsheet transition. We make custom Airtable integrations and solutions easy for you.

The Everything Platform

Airtable is a solid platform that combines spreadsheets and relational databases or "bases." If you could dream up one "Everything Platform" to manage your business from top to bottom, then it might be Airtable. Airtable can transition your data into beautiful-looking reports, creative and interactive calendars, and automated marketing solutions. It can handle task management, time-tracking, and content building, too.

As an 'Everything Platform,' Airtable brings in the functionality of all the other tools your employees and department use through integrations. Imagine combining your robust database with streamlined functionality with all the tools of Google Sheets, Survey Monkey, Trello, Asana, Calendly, Slack, Basecamp, and more. Trying to decide which tools to include and integrate them successfully for your own needs can require the assistance of top-notch software developers who can help build the system to your unique requirements.

How many different tools can be integrated into Airable? The list is considered nearly endless, but it can include the following:

Foundation Features of Airtable

Airtable as a collaboration tool can be modified for any business. The heart of the platform is its centralized database or 'bases,' which have many more features than traditional spreadsheets. Familiarity and intuitive features are essential as all departments need to work on different software or have additional tools to perform their duties.

The system becomes a unified location for all your departments' ideas, content, projects, and records. All users that have permission can access the data. Data integrity is ensured while using Airtable, and it allows all departments to get the latest version of the data. Unlike spreadsheets, bases in Airtable can include all types of data, including text, file attachments, photos, notes, video, barcodes, and more.

When considering all the building blocks or features that could be available for working with data across a platform, Airtable delivers – hands down. You can also hire expert software developers who specialize in Airtable, like the teams at DataCose, and customize your system to handle any data and integrate with most software available. Imagine how much more productive every part of your company will become with seamless integration, workflow automation, and instant access to data.

The primary foundational building blocks that make Airtable exceptional include:

Getting Started with Customization

When thinking about how your new platform would be most beneficial to your business, you should consider an expert software developer specializing in custom integrations. The abilities that this platform has can seem endless. When you hire an expert Airtable consultant, they can help guide you through the most valuable additions that can best serve you and your type of business. In addition, these skilled developers can write custom code to build integrations that may currently be unavailable off the shelf.

Another reason you want to have an expert consultant review your integrations is your data security. Imagine if you connect your database, your company's most valuable asset, to a network of integrations that may be installed incorrectly? Information is every company's bread and butter; DataCose understands this. They can help you build a customized data management platform that not only works well but gives additional data security.

Airtable consultants can also work with you to better understand your company's workflows and processes. For example, how many employees are you paying to copy and paste the same data on multiple platforms and applications? When you think about your marketing department, for example, do you have employees that have to search for the bits of content they need for data processing, social media posts, or other business correspondence? Automating your data with your workflow can eliminate many redundancies in your employee's tasks. In addition, by increasing your efficiency, you improve morale and your overall annual profits.

Airtable is Affordable

Working with Airtable is also an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. The company offers an abundance of information and how-tos for small businesses looking for simple add-ons. When your database gets more extensive and more complex, you can get an expert evaluation on how the platform can be customized. Here are recent monthly pricing levels, and set-up is free.

Monthly Pricing Levels (As of 3/1/2022)

  • Robust Freemium Version - Free
  • Plus plan - $10
  • Pro plan - $20
  • Enterprise plan - Call for pricing.

Some features that are included at all pricing levels are:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Forum/Community
  • FAQ/Knowledgebase
  • Video Tutorials / Webinar

Using a platform with so many options has impacted many businesses. It has transformed the work environment making collaboration easier. In 2022, a company that wants to succeed will have the best collaboration and workflow software. It evolves a modern workforce to collaborate remotely or across multiple office locations. Learn more with a complete overview of Airtable and its benefits on our blog.

Airtable Customization with DataCose

When you are looking to revolutionize your company's ability to make your data work for you – talk to the expert Airtable consultants at DataCose. The experienced team can help step you right through, eliminating redundancies and unnecessary tasks. All of these processes and repetitive tasks cost your company both time and money. If you are still just considering your options, fill out the form below and contact us. We can help you make the right decision for your data and automation needs.

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