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Airtable is known as the modern database platform for the future. Today, more than 80% of Fortune 100s incorporate Airtable into their business operations. There is a great deal of news and technical talk about automation, integration, and no-code databases. Airtable has been a rising trend with a solid reputation among specialized industries in Silicon Valley. As a decision-maker, you don't have the time to invest in education on IT issues – the bottom line is what matters. So how can Airtable help your organization?

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Airtable?
  2. The Many Hats of Airtable
  3. What Can Airtable Do for You?
  4. Top Tasks Businesses Manage with Airtable
  5. Getting the Most Out of Airtable

Why Airtable?

Try asking twenty different people in your organization the question, “What is Airtable?” You’d be surprised that you may get twenty varied answers. But, when you look further, you will discover that nineteen are right. The twentieth guy, a college kid, though it was a table hockey game. He has a lot to learn yet.

How can Airtable be so many things to so many people and departments? When you look at the structure of your organization, you understand that different departments have distinct tasks and activities to handle daily operations. Imagine how many departments you have – finance, sales, marketing, and IT; each division uses multiple software applications to manage their duties. Though distinct, these departments are generating data from numerous sources that can impact all of your organization's data. So, again, why Airtable? Because Airtable ensures that your data stays organized and secure.

Properly organized data is essential to success. Poor data organization can cause lost data. Lost data can mean compliance issues. As your IT department scrambles to figure out how to correct these issues, your business's focus on better productivity and growth is derailed. As data accuracy deteriorates, efficiency and communication drop. Employee morale also goes out the window.

Companies should include Airtable as part of their growth arsenal to guarantee that data from different sources and locations can stay accurate, secure, and available.


The Many Hats of Airtable

As a work platform or tool, Airtable can wear many hats. First, it benefits businesses by replacing other service-related software with less function or options. Corporations trust that when they invest in custom Airtable integrations, it will be scalable to include future projects.

Within your organization, you have different departments, all working to achieve the same end goal – your company's success. If you have many professions coming together as a team, you need a collaboration tool that can enable your entire workforce.

What can Airtable Do for You?

Airtable's powerful, customizable business process management software can quickly become the most-used all-in-one tool in your business. It is a collaboration tool, a customer relationship management platform, a content strategy builder, and a workflow management system. In addition, since Airtable integrates with many other outside applications – its uses could be endless.


Top Tasks Businesses Manage with Airtable:

  • Task Management: Managers can utilize Airtable tools to create to-do lists, prioritize tasks, define task dependencies and rules, and assign due dates.
  • Project Planning: Airtable helps businesses clearly define future projects, create a work breakdown structure, create milestones, assign deliverables, chart details, map strategies, and more. Airtable covers both agile and waterfall methodologies.
  • Full Command Over Data: Recent reviews indicated that 91% of Airtable users rely on the cloud-based platform to keep their data secure. Airtable includes encryptions and a firewall to prevent unauthorized access. Data synchronization was also critical. Airtable updates data continuously, so employees know the information they are using is accurate.
  • Team Collaboration: Team collaboration is essential with remote work on the rise. Nine out of ten companies chose to use Airtable based on its collaboration platform.
  • Cross-Platform Use: Airtable is number one in cross-platform integrations. Companies can continue to use their favorite tools, and know integration into the Airtable platform will ensure intuitively easy functioning across departments.
  • Workflow Automation: Airtable makes it easy for management to create workflow maps and automate redundant tasks. Investing in workflow automation increases production and data accuracy.

As you can see, Airtable may be the best SaaS investment around.


Financial Benefits for Companies that Use Airtable

For Airtable to be so popular that most of the Fortune 500 have made it an essential part of their business strategy – that speaks for itself. These companies understand when the ROI is in their favor. The financial benefits for companies of every size are enormous. If you are looking to create a solid strategy for growth and higher profits for your business, then Airtable is for you.

Your return on investment can vary. It can be due to the size of your company or based on your account level with Airtable. Many small businesses or single-owner LLCs can achieve their goals using the freeware version. The investment for these smaller businesses is in time. Airtable has an intuitive user design making it easy to jump right in and start getting control of your business records. As a result, your company's better-organized sales, marketing, and services will outshine your competitors.

For giant corporations and enterprises, Airtable delivers immediate, measurable results. The Pro-level version of Airtable can handle many integrations and an extensive database at $20 per month. However, major corporations will need an evaluation for a custom quote.

Large corporations are currently wasting millions of dollars a year in wasted time. Redundant tasks, waiting on communications, and work about work take up over half of most employees' workdays. Regardless of your business size, the costs of these inefficiencies could be staggering. However, a small initial investment in a customized system built with Airtable by professional experts will deliver returns that will push your organization to the next level.

Imagine this; studies show that the average employee wastes 4.8 hours a day on redundancy or other inefficiencies. The number of hours wasted is diminished by investing in custom Airtable consultants to reduce bottlenecks and repetitive tasks in your business process. In addition, Airtable experts can customize the cloud-based platform for your business's unique workflow processes. Why is this so important?

Suppose a 500-employee company pays employees $15 per hour – studies show that the company wastes 9.3 million dollars a year. If custom Airtable integrations by highly skilled consultants can reduce the hours wasted by half – the small investment has the possibility of reaping savings of over 4.5 million dollars in the first year. So now you know why the worlds' largest corporations are turning to Airtable; what's holding you back?

Getting the Most Out of Airtable

Now that you can see the fantastic possibilities and returns that investing in customized Airtable integrations can bring – where do you start? Making the right decision is essential if your investment will succeed or fail. As a decision-maker – you know how important your data is to your company. Without data, there is no business. Therefore, protecting your data should be the highest on your priority list for many reasons, not including compliance regulations or loss of brand reputation.


At DataCose, our expert Airtable consultants have the coding skills to customize Airtable to your unique service or product fully. Advanced software system developers' intuitive, scalable, and well-researched design will ensure successful integrations with your current database and software platforms. In addition, our consultants help prevent poor planning or even data loss if not installed correctly. A DataCose professional installation protects your information, keeps it confidential, and enables you to achieve explosive growth and productivity.

DataCore’s expert Airtable consultants deliver proven results in workflow automation and customizations. Contact us to learn more about what Airtable automation can do for you.

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