API Trends to Keep Watching 2022

Every industry is looking to adopt new API integration strategies to stay ahead in workflow automation. Adding workflow automation to their production, marketing, and sales strategies has boosted returns in unbelievable amounts during tough economic times. Business leaders who were hesitant to invest in automation before are now singing its praises as a solution to getting ahead during a time when dealing with workforce shortages.

There has been impressive growth in the API marketplace in the last year. Most organizations have developed long-term strategies to continue investing in API integration as part of their overall business strategies. The API Report by Postman stated that over 94% of organizations plan to continue to invest in API integrations in the coming year.

This result tells business leaders that you may get left behind if they are not focused on investing in API integrations, workflow automations, and other customer portal options. Read more about API integration strategies and trends to keep watching throughout this year.

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APIs-as-a-Product Trend

As it has been for some time, Trending is that APIs are a product. For every task that needs to be handled in your business, there is a specific API for it. Each one of those is considered a product, but you, on the other hand, are not sure you care what the label is as long as it works well with all the different products you need.

You want an API that plays well with others. Well, there's an app for that, too. Or a platform or two. At DataCose, we use several platforms, though we do like Airtable. We can integrate different APIs of your choice and build custom dashboards to make your employee collaboration center seamless.

We encourage you to stay on trend with workflow automations, data migrations, API integrations, and an understanding of presenting your API as a product to others on your newly constructed eCommerce platform.

API Integrity – Security is On-Trend

Businesses that adapt and use AI or ML technologies should be sure to include API security. Furthermore, it should be a high priority as part of the team’s protection of API integrity. Data security is the highest concern for almost every CEO, IT team, Board member, and even business customer.

When you integrate APIs and are moving data – how secure is it? It would be a valid question if you decided that you could connect everything yourself because you read a book called No-Code API Integration for Beginners. Not that it isn't impossible to connect some applications quickly, but data is your business.

A specialist in API integration and data security can help you understand if your company's infrastructure is secure. For example, if your business uses AI or ML technologies now, you know that they require massive amounts of data. More data means more security because, yes, even your customers will insist that their data remains safe and secure.

Critical points to elevate your security:

Companies have found that when connecting two apps, the environment works. However, it suddenly becomes challenging when you begin to add many different applications. As a result, the trend has evolved to offer tools that allow low-code or no-code integration of multiple applications under a single platform, think Airtable or Monday.

While these options are plentiful and allow your IT department to add on a new application without many specializations, the truth is, even these low-code and no-code technologies have their limits. Moreover, these are significant trends that will hold strong for several years. Still, you will need to keep in mind that you will need custom code written to interface and connect with your systems for unique builds, custom interfaces, and individualized dashboards.

Low-code and no-code API integrations will continue to be a trend in API implementations; however, if you want unique options, you will need a tech team to manage all options, including some custom code.

In business, we are all looking for a path to get clear of the competition. So how can we guide our platform to gain an audience quickly? It is easy. You have to start with the correct data. Your platform will perform better if you have better data to make informed decisions.

API analytics can be valuable tools. They are used across organizations and in many departments and deliver a wide range of metrics that your marketing, sales, and other teams use to run your business. With better data, your business will run better, smoother, and more efficiently.

Analytics uses the data to solve real-world issues. Problems that can have a substantial impact on the day-to-day running of your business and how customer transactions are handled. Your API analytics predicts patterns, diagnoses problems, describes issues and manages your business. Give your API good data if you want reasonable, solid business control.

API Integration Tech Team in a Box

When you are ready to develop your overall API integration strategies for 2022 and beyond, you need to contact DataCose. At DataCose, we have created a service known as the Tech Team in a Box. This service allows you to bring in the team you need to add workflow automations, API integrations, custom dashboards, data migrations, customer portals, and more – without the time and expense of adding an entire team to your payroll.

At DataCose, we have hired the best. We have top coders, UX designers, data specialists, and more on-call – and at your service. Our Tech Team in a Box can listen to your company's needs and deliver a solution that is as exceptional as you and your brand.

Fill out the form below, and regardless of if you are looking at automations, eCommerce solutions, or API integrations – there is no obligation. We will first listen. We want to hear what you need. Then, we will help guide you to some solutions that we think may be right for you.

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