Custom Business Intelligence Dashboards: The Advantages

Advantages of a Custom Business Intelligence Dashboard

You may have never thought that your company could benefit from a custom dashboard. After all, all those platforms have built-in dashboards that work well enough, right? Maybe not.

The standardized dashboard with most platforms can offer you access to various functions. For example, you can gain information through analytics, giving you a good insight into how your business is currently standing.

Technology has advanced to the point that customization is possible; your data could hold the power that gives you the upper hand in your market. Every business is unique. You have goals and performance objectives that are specific to your own needs. Shouldn't you be able to have better-performing data that considers your business's intended future?

Read on to learn more about what a custom corporate dashboard is, the advantages, and how a custom dashboard can impact your ROIs.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Custom Corporate Dashboard?
  2. What Are the Advantages of a Business Intelligence Dashboard?
  3. Types of Customized Intelligent Dashboards
  4. Improved Employee Collaboration and Satisfaction
  5. Custom-Built Dashboards Impact KPIs and ROIs
  6. How to Get Your Unique Dashboard

What is a Custom Corporate Dashboard?

A custom corporate dashboard is a customized view to interact with your business intelligence software. Also called business intelligence dashboards, this is the focal point of interaction with your company's workflow processes, employee task management, and data access.

Your dashboard is the key to your portal to gather quality data that specifically applies to you, your business, and your future goals. It can display key performance indicators or KPIs on your screen to monitor your company's workflow and progress.

Dashboards are not new. Interfaces have become an integral part of a business's information delivery network. Dashboards can help you visualize data relevant to you, allowing you to make better operational decisions and create strategic plans for future options. Far more than static data views, employees with access can find the data source to improve specific business outcomes.

What Are the Advantages of a Business Intelligence Dashboard?

Custom corporate dashboards have many advantages. Training your employees becomes much easier if everyone learns in the same environment. A well-designed dashboard helps employees understand and deliver tasks better and make collaboration among peers easier. A business intelligence dashboard translates data into insights so your team can turn insights into action.

The advantages of using business intelligence:

  • Increased Competitive Advantage
  • Higher Employee Morale and Satisfaction
  • Better, Trusted, and Actionable Data
  • Improved Customer Journey
  • Better, Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Faster Decision-Making and Trouble-Shooting
  • Overall Increased Company Efficiency

Types of Customized Intelligence Dashboards

It may be difficult to imagine a "one dashboard for all." While it is quite possible for a business to have a single dashboard for their company, most business models require multiple dashboards.

There are different types of business intelligence that directly relate to the department, the type of data they need, and the work performed. Here are some standard business intelligence dashboards in a typical corporation.

  • Mobile Dashboards: This can include any dashboard and isn't specifically a dashboard-type. It is mentioned as most workers access apps by phone, so any dashboard should be built to be mobile-friendly.
  • Marketing Dashboards: This dashboard can assist your marketing department by assigning tasks, automating emails, detailing response rates, and delivering lead generation opportunities.
  • Sales Dashboards: Your sales team is likely highly competitive – give them access to graphs, visuals, and other data charts to shoot for the team lead. A sales dashboard may include product information, financial offerings, and KPIs attributed to the sales department.

Image Source: Stephen Few 2008

  • Customer Dashboards: This dashboard may benefit your organization to understand your customer base better. This intelligence screen can deliver data on customer base size, retention rates, average revenue per customer, and other metrics that consider your consumer data.
  • Operational Dashboards: Gain intelligent insights on your operations, business processes, and equipment statistics in a single display. This intelligent business interface can deliver the metrics that ensure that your company operates smoothly.
  • HR Dashboards: Help the HR department organize and intelligently process your business payroll. An HR dashboard may include employee data, salary data, hiring policies, and recruiting metrics. It consolidates these reports into an easy-to-use, cost-effective human resource management tool.
  • Financial Dashboards: This is the dashboard most often used by the CFO and other C-level executives. This dashboard gives a one-stop data center for revenue, profits, liabilities, profit margins, and other financial planning data. In addition, the interface can create unique company-centric data reports that can be presented to board members.
  • IT Dashboards: Your IT department is your lifeblood. This team relies heavily on its dashboards for business intelligence, data management, warehouse control, and network oversight. In addition, a dashboard can be critical as an indicator of performance, available resources, and alert your team to potential security issues.
  • Project Dashboards: This type of dashboard is for your project management. It assists managers in assigning and tracking day-to-day tasks, checking deadlines, and creating employee schedules. In addition, it can have collaboration areas for specific team projects.

Improved Employee Collaboration and Satisfaction

Employees who work for companies that take advantage of the latest technologies are generally more satisfied with their work. Anytime your company morale is high, you have better, more engaged, higher producing employees.

One of the top benefits of using a custom business intelligence interface is employee job satisfaction. These tools make task assignment and delivery more accessible, encourage collaboration and help employees better understand their role in the company.

Custom-Built Dashboards Impact KPIs and ROIs

A custom-built dashboard can have an impact on your KPIs and ROIs. Business intelligence can be delivered more readily, and top management is more likely to keep track of performance levels. That type of insight at your fingertips empowers your leadership to develop real-time decision-making, check goals-against progress, and adjust to meet company goals. In addition, investing in an intelligent business platform unique to your business increases your overall ROIs.

How to Get Your Unique Dashboard

How can you get more information on how a custom-built dashboard will impact your future? Please fill out the form below, and one of our team leaders will get back to you. Of course, the first thing we will do is listen. Listening is key to understanding your unique needs.

At DataCose, we can give you a no-obligation review of how a unique dashboard could serve your business needs. Our team of elite coders and UX designers will collaborate to deliver a high-performance dashboard that can deliver improvements across your organization, including KPIs and ROIs. Get in touch today.

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