Enhancing HR Through Automation: the Facts

Your human resources department is your company's foundation. All great leaders that come into your corporation go through that door. So if you want every part of your business to work efficiently and have employees at the top of their game – you need to focus on your HR department.

Did you know that over 47% of today’s businesses are running outdated HR software? Have you checked yours lately?

Keeping technology up to date is critical to success, but so is the addition of tools such as AI and automation. Some believe automation causes job loss, but that is an outdated philosophy. It is now proven that these tools have the opposite impact.

Were you aware that a study was recently done that demonstrated that when 800,000 jobs were replaced through automation that another 3.5 million better-paying jobs were created? Yes, these are new, different jobs, and there may be adjustments or further training, but there are now more positions available.

Read on to find out different facts that demonstrate how automation has enhanced HR departments and how you can benefit by adding automation to your workflow processes in your HR department, too.

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Automation and Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance is at the forefront of many departments, including your human resources. Many are struggling with challenges in diversity. Even when your employees try and believe they have no biases, the fact is, as humans, we all do.

AI and automation tools can benefit your company by scanning resumes and determining those who would be the best fit based solely on their education, skills, and experience. Then, these can be presented to your hiring staff for further determination.

There are arguments for and against using automation and AI in hiring. It is something that all companies must traverse with care, according to their own needs and values. However, studies show that the answer to both sides of the argument may be thoroughly auditing your automation.

Expert workflow and automation specialists can help you audit your system to avoid issues that can lead to hiring problems. An example of a problem solved through an audit in the study was shown in an automated hiring app. The app included a drop-down menu for the respondent to choose the graduation year. However, the choices available stopped in the year 2000. This hiccup meant that those over 40 could not apply.

Working with a qualified automation specialist can help your company set up your workflow processes to work efficiently and effectively and be easily audited for changes as needed.

Recruiting with Automation Tools

Your HR manager understands talent. Talented job hunters seek modern companies with solid technologies, automated and employee-controlled systems (like scheduling), and businesses with a strong, positive online presence.

Were you aware that a recent poll of millennials showed that over 93% of workers believe that a business being technologically up-to-date is critical when they choose where to work? In addition, these employees believe that companies that invest in technology and automation have better jobs and better talent.

Automation and Onboarding

Onboarding is the essential moment when an employee either finds success, feels lost in the shuffle, or gets lost from the hiring process. Onboarding is to make employees feel welcome and part of the team. To succeed, they need to understand every aspect of their job and know that they have a place in your business. Automation has made its way into the onboarding part of the hiring process. Check out some of these automation facts about HR onboarding.

Onboarding is essential to the success of every employee but also the overall success of the company. Many HR professionals feel that onboarding is an ongoing process, not a one-time meet-and-greet. Employees who feel that they have a solid support system behind them are the ones who become those dedicated to the success of the business. Automation makes onboarding a successful process in your hiring practices.

Automating the Workflow Process

Your HR department handles a great deal of your company's back-end office workflow. Adding automation to the workflow process in your HR department is a no-brainer. There are various ways that automation and AI can help improve the workflow process, ease the burden on staff, make communications and scheduling more accessible, and improve the overall work environment.

Automation can ease payroll tasks. These repetitive tasks can be automated and allow your HR staff to concentrate on more personal tasks, like interviews or training. In addition, scheduling can be made more accessible through automation. For example, employees no longer have to email back and forth to find out if the vacation request is approved; they can log in and schedule it.

Other ways automation has improved the workflow process in the HR department in companies include the following:

Automation will save your HR department a lot of time and money. However, that isn't what is the most critical factor here. Automation will allow your HR department to make your employees their priority, as they should be.

Finding Automation Experts

There is no reason to stick to out-of-date hiring processes and waste thousands of dollars on printing paper resumes. Stop losing excellent prospects through a faulty onboarding process. It is time to clean up your hiring practices if you want to compete in a world with a workforce shortage.

Adding automation will require you to take a leap and include new technologies into your hiring process. However, getting the expert help you need is as easy as filling out the form below. At DataCose, we have a team of automation experts who can give you a no-obligation review of how they can benefit your unique company.

The most significant part of successful automation is listening. Every company is unique, and our automation experts have the ability to custom code any application you need to fit into your unique workflow process. So let's get you automated today!

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