Marketing and Sales Workflow Automations: Statistics

The economy has been challenging. Every business has been tightening its corporate belt and trying to work its way through and still come out with profits. Corporations are fighting to hire more workers but have difficulty competing with a severe worker shortage.

There are problems in the supply chains. Even families are feeling the pinch. When they go to the grocery stores, they see empty shelves, and when trying to find car parts to fix their vehicles, they have to wait. All of these issues add up and impact businesses in every industry.

If your company is looking for a way to break through and focus on growth, you may need to look at workflow automation options. Automation could be your key to solving your employee shortages, increasing your productivity, boosting the morale of your current workers, and still gaining in profits. Yes! It is possible with automation. Read more about how automation can specifically impact your sales and marketing departments in these challenging times.

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Real Growth Hacking Strategies Through Automation

Companies seek tangible ways to hack growth, building strategies to get large ROIs in a world fighting back inflation, staff shortages, and pandemics. But unfortunately, profit margins are getting smaller, and no matter how much we tighten our corporate belts, it is getting tougher and more challenging to get ahead.

Some businesses, despite the economic hardships, are flourishing. They are even seeing more significant ROIs than they have ever seen at any other time in their business history. Why? How? These companies' biggest secret to producing more with less is through the addition of workflow automation.

Workflow automation is about bringing AI, powerful software, platforms, and other technologies into the workplace to digitize those processes that are repetitive and redundant. For example, every time a sale is processed at the local car dealer, the marketing department follows up with emails on car detailing, car washes, oil changes, and more. Since your salesperson just entered the details, do you need someone to send marketing emails manually?

When you automate tasks, you don't replace your workers. Instead, you free them up to do the more critical tasks. If you ask your staff in the office, they will tell you they spend several hours per week doing simple, repetitive tasks that could be automated by technology.

Automation and Your Marketing Team

Did you know that a recent study on the state of marketing automation showed that in 2019 over 75% of all businesses are already using marketing automation tools? Furthermore, globally, 63% of companies plan to invest more into their marketing automation budgets in the next few years.

The companies focusing on how workflow automation can help their marketing department do more – are the businesses that will see success through the harsh economic times that are predicted to be ahead still. As a result, these businesses will see more significant ROIs for their automation investments than at any other time.

More automation marketing statistics you should know:

Suppose your company is struggling against the tide of economic issues. Yet, you want to join the top businesses that have discovered how to overcome staffing shortcomings and even increase productivity. In that case, you need workflow automation solutions.

Automation Adds Value to Your Sales Team

The other half of any marketing department is your sales team. Can automation add value to your sales department? You bet! The same level of success noted in marketing teams all across the globe due is also being seen in sales. So let's look at why automation needs to be the most significant focus for you and your sales department.

Did you know?

Statistics Demonstrate How Automation Delivers

As a business owner, CEO, or manager, when it comes to investing in any technology, you only care about the bottom line. So how will investing in new automation for your sales and marketing departments deliver your ROIs? You can see above how the statistics show how automations will provide on the back-end.

Did you know that companies will experience an initial jump of 14.5% in increased sales productivity after investing in automation? A 77% increase follows the increase in conversions. Automation can help save time in the office in many ways.

Your marketing team often cringes and draws straws to see who gets stuck with the social media duties. By using automation, were you aware that you could save the department over six hours a week in time posting and give them more time to convert the 80% higher leads into sales?

Automation from a Tech Team in a Box

Rolling the dice and jumping into new automations, and streamlining the workflow is a big step. At first, research often will point you to the high costs of building and staffing an entire department. You might believe that you will need an automation and workflow department alongside your IT team. Having your team will allow you to customize any action, build any dashboard your company needs, and resolve any issue on the spot.

The cost is the one thing that causes business leaders to balk at this move. Building an entire tech team or department is time-consuming and expensive. It can also cost the business many years as you work to maintain the employment status, benefits, and relationships with all the staff you've hired to maintain these automations.

At DataCose, we’ve developed a better way. We have the team. We deliver automation through our Tech Team in a Box. Our workflow automation specialists can help your business in any department streamline the workflow process, automate redundant and repetitive tasks, and become far more productive than you are today.

Our team includes highly skilled coders who can customize features, build dashboards, incorporate creative and beautiful UX design, and save you time, effort, and money. No matter the type of business, we can help you find a solution that is unique to you. Please fill out the form below; one of our tech team members will get back to you with a no-obligation review. Let us help you automate your future!

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