Save Time and Money with Airtable Automation and Airtable APIs

Save Time and Money with Airtable Automation and Airtable APIs

As a business owner or manager, you know that your time is valuable. What would you charge if you could put a price on your time? Put the hourly mental price tag across the time spent on redundant business tasks; you will see why it is so important to find a solution.

Read more to learn how Airtable, a cloud-collaboration service, can automate many tasks and free up your time.

Table of Contents

  1. How Much is Your Time Worth?
  2. How Redundant Tasks Cost You and Your Business
    1. Common Time-Wasters
  3. What You Can Achieve With Airtable Automation
  4. What is Airtable?
    1. Common Use Cases
  5. Airtable Automation Using Airtable APIs
  6. Where to Find Airtable Career Experts
  7. Key Takeaways

How Much is Your Time Worth?

For most C-level executives and upper management, their salaries average about $107,000 per year. When considering what your time is worth, certainly your salary comes into play. In the US, workers with full-time employment average 1801 hours on the job each year. Based on the average pay for C-level management, the cost of their time averages approximately $60 per hour.

Redundancy Costs and Your Business

While many daily business tasks may seem small and insignificant, the 15 minutes here and 35 minutes there can start to impact your value and your ability to achieve more. Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 employees face either fully or partially repetitive tasks. The Anatomy of Work Index shows that the average employee spends 4.8 hours of their eight-hour day either doing redundant tasks or "work about work."

Common Time-Wasters:

  • Attending meetings that don’t directly pertain to the position or job.
  • Answering emails and pings from colleagues and clients.
  • Waiting to connect to a coworker for input.
  • Repeat searches for files.
  • Posting data on multiple platforms.
  • Repetitive correspondence.

Many companies pay a hefty price for their work habits. Redundancy is estimated to cost corporations billions. For example, if we look at your value to be approximately $60 per hour, then $31.20 is wasted on repetition and tasks that can be automated.

Companies everywhere face the fact that nearly 60% of the wages spent on employees is lost due to these types of tasks, then the amount of loss is enormous. For example, imagine a company with over 500 employees making approximately $15 an hour. If they average 8 hours a day and work 260 days per year – the redundant tasks have cost the corporation $9,360,000. The losses are staggering.


Achieve More with Airtable Automation

You can cut through these redundant tasks and reduce the overall financial loss to your company, your time, and your production. The bottom line is that employees waste more than half their workday on repetitive tasks; if you automate them, your business will be more productive.

Automating tasks within a collaboration tool can be done quickly with Airtable. Airtable automation can automate many basic office tasks that cut into time management. With Airtable, you can perform a job once, and all associated tasks are completed at once. As a result, employees are free to achieve, create, and produce more.

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a flexible platform with an intuitive interface that builds powerful, custom applications. The apps you create can streamline the workflow throughout your office, business, and personal life. For example, you can build apps to integrate repetitive steps by your employees. Airtable makes it easy to do by giving you the tools to build the app you need with no code.

The Airtable platform contains all the code to build your apps; you choose what you want to get done. It works by creating a database of all the data you use in your work. Then it extracts the information that allows you the ability to create. Finally, Airtable pulls out the data to build demonstrations, reports, short videos, and blog content. The number of uses for Airtable is extensive, and new ideas are coming to light each day.

With Airtable, you can throw out your traditional, stuffy spreadsheets and start working with 'bases.' Bases are the Airtable versions of databases. The bases are similar to Excel in that it contains tables of data. Multiple bases converge to build powerfully expanded workspaces. You can view and share the data through calendars, Kankan boards, or galleries. The intuitive editor allows all users to save, sync, and detail the workflow together.

Some of the common uses for Airtable are:

  • Manage Work Projects from Start to Finish
  • Track and Organize Inventories
  • Track Job Interviews
  • Manage Video Production
  • Plan Large Events
  • Publish a Tweet
  • Send an Email
  • Build Spreadsheets
  • Create Bases (Databases)
  • Track Progress
  • Generate Visuals Quickly
  • Create Reports
  • Analyze Data

Airtable has fully developed ready-to-use templates that make automation a breeze. These applications have been pre-made for office functions, itineraries, and inventory tracking. Over 200 templates are available. Some of the popular templates include:

  • Content Calendar
  • Digital Video Production
  • Project Tracker
  • Marketing Campaign Tracker
  • Blog and Social Media Calendars
  • Marketing and Planning Events
  • House Hunting

Saving time at work is just the beginning. Airtable even has a pre-made template ready to use to hold information regarding your pet’s medical history and other at-home tasks.


Airtable Automation Using Airtable APIs

Airtable APIs create connections with other applications that you use frequently. One of the top marketing phrases associated with Airtable is "Connect Airtable to Anything." Airtable comes with over 350 app integrations built-in.

You likely use several tools in the course of your work. These are tools that already hold a great deal of your data, like your contacts, for example. They are tools you are comfortable with and want to continue using. You can integrate any of these tools that you need for work productivity with Airtable. Airtable extracts the data from your accounts to make some of your redundant tasks much more manageable. Some of these tools and platforms that Airtable is commonly linked with include:

  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Eventbrite
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Twilio
  • Plus, nearly 1000 more regularly used applications.

Where to Find Airtable Career Experts

With a better understanding of how automation of redundant tasks can be done quickly, you will want experts for large-scale integrations—tackling automation for extensive enterprise services, big corporations, and small businesses. For example, the large company with 500 employees mentioned earlier, is now sweating the $9-plus million in losses. The first step to bringing down those lost hours of productivity is to find an Airtable career expert.

DataCose has top experts in Airtable system integrations and automation for small businesses and large enterprise-level corporations. Investments in work automation deliver in returns. While CEOs want the hard-number results of lower cost, guaranteed scalability, and boosted productivity, they are often surprised by the soft returns. Companies experience a win-win-win scenario. Integration of redundant tasks with expert Airtable integrations improves customer satisfaction, raises employee fulfillment in their work, and delivers higher profits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Large enterprises to small businesses can save time and money by investing in business automation.
  • Learn more about the Airtable platform and how it can be integrated into your current business activities.
  • Find out how to keep using the current applications that your employees know and love through Airtable APIs, which can "connect Airtable to anything."
  • For anyone looking to find Airtable Career Experts to handle scalability and corporate system integrations to deliver savings through removing redundant actions.

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