Top Companies Contribute to Airtable Growth Strategy

Many businesses have been forced to develop remote work strategies during the last couple of years. This move to a remote workforce has led to increased use of online work collaboration tools. For example, Airtable, a cloud-based database work collaboration tool, has exceeded many industries in growth over this time. The versatility of the application has appealed significantly to large enterprises, small businesses, and even household users.

Airtable integrates the independent applications used for work into one easy-to-use platform to make work more efficient. The available apps you can add to Airtable are endless and includes many popular work applications like Slack, Trello, 15Five, Skedulo, Clockify, Evernote, and Zendesk. The list is virtually endless.

Continue reading to learn more about Airtable, the fantastic growth the company experienced in the last year, and what top companies are using Airtable.

Table of Contents

  1. Airtable is experiencing incredible growth
  2. Who are the top companies using Airtable?
  3. What is the future of Airtable?
  4. Think outside the box automation with Airtable experts
  5. Where to find Airtable automation experts.

Airtable is experiencing incredible growth

Airtable as a work collaboration tool has seen a significant spike in popularity as millions of employees evolved into a remote workforce. It has excellent features and a freemium business model. This free version has robust components that make it great for household use and professionals.

September 2020 Airtable reported a valuation of $2.58 Billion. In March 2021, as first-quarter earnings were being written, news reports touted the acceleration in popularity of the Airtable platform. At that time, Airtable's market value topped $5.7 Billion. In August 2021, Airtable was demonstrating consistent 13% growth per quarter, and the valuation for the company had reached $7.7 Billion.

The growth that Airtable is experiencing has continued to increase rapidly as many businesses flock to use its intuitive interface that integrates well with their favorite apps. As of December 2021, the company has reached a valuation of $11.7 Billion.


Who are the top companies using Airtable?

Airtable was founded in 2012 by three enterprising entrepreneurs, Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad, and Emmett Nicholas. By 2015, the company had raised $3 million in funding from Caffeinated Capital, Freestyle Capital, Data Collective, and CrunchFund. However, one significant boost to Airtable's popularity was the endorsement of early users like celebrity Ashton Kutcher. In addition, many work collaboration tools saw an increase in use during the pandemic. Corporations have recognized the intuitive features and powerful database features of Airtable. Today, Airtable services more than 80% of companies in the Fortune 100. Over 200,000 corporations use the customizable service for their team collaboration environment.

Top companies across the globe are incorporating Airtable automation into their work structure. Automating redundant or repetitive tasks frees up workers to have more time to make valuable contributions in other areas.

Some of the top companies that are using Airtable:

  • Netflix
  • HBO
  • Shopify
  • Condé Nast Entertainment
  • TIME
  • City of Los Angeles
  • MIT Media Lab
  • IBM

What is the future of Airtable?

Airtable has no plans of slowing down. With the announcement of $735 million in additional funding, Airtable is planning to expand into Europe. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company will be opening a second office in London. In addition, the company is looking at going public in a couple of years, though some speculate that it may be in 2020.

The additional funding will bring more development and marketing opportunities to Airtable. According to its founder, Howie Liu, you can expect significant improvements. "We are going to aggressively invest into improving the stability and scalability of the product, go into new service areas, and increase our sales and marketing. But we’re doing it in a disciplined way where we still are in control of our business.”

Do More with Airtable Career Experts

Businesses looking to tap into the growth created from Airtable automation can do more with a consultation with an Airtable Career Expert. These highly-skilled professionals can evaluate the tasks and workflow of your business and offer suggestions on ways to improve employee productivity.

Companies know that when they streamline any part of their organization, it can contribute to more profits and growth opportunities. Workflow automation or business process management is more than giving your daily tasks the once over.

Airtable automation experts are neutral observers with extended knowledge of the automation process, the hardware and software capabilities, and a comprehensive background in workflow streamlining. These experts can point out solutions to everyday problems and reduce repetitive tasks for employees. When your company's growth and data are on the line, you want to find automation, data security, and software integration experts who can deliver results.

Airtable has much more to offer other than its user-friendly no-code capabilities. The platform has expanded to include low-code, enterprise-level automation, and secure data management options. In addition, Airtable automation experts have the technical knowledge to fully handle the additional coding required to personalize your automation to your company's specific needs.


Where to find Airtable automation experts.

DataCose is the top choice for Airtable automation experts. System automation is a challenging necessity for all businesses to succeed in today's digital marketplace. System automation ensures scalability, lowers costs, boosts productivity, and eliminates errors. These benefits also include higher employee satisfaction and morale.

System automation isn't just for large corporations; intelligent small businesses are investing in automation to lower costs, ensure scalability, boost productivity and uptime, eliminate errors, all while simultaneously improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Contact us today to find Airtable automation experts to take your enterprise, large, or small business to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about better system automation options for businesses and corporations with unparalleled collaboration tools.
  • Find out more about Airtable, its uses, and its impressive recent growth.
  • Automating tasks at the corporate level requires expert Airtable consultation.
  • Learn to find Airtable experts who can help you develop a secure system automation plan to boost your company to new heights.

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