Niche Scheduling Nightmare

Building a Reliable Custom Scheduling System

By using automation and having DataCose help craft clever solutions to some nagging problems that eat up manpower, we’ve been able to improve performance and reduce errors all while having less pressure to hire additional people. Keeping costs low and keeping us in business.

New Orleans Perspectives


Cost savings

$10,400 per year.

Time savings

520 hours per year

Cost of automation


Project delivery

3 weeks for initial solution + 1 week for tweaks & additions

Time to break-even

81 days

Tools Used

Airtable, Twilio, Zoho, DataCose Automation Framework (DCAF)

About New Orleans Perspectives

New Orleans Perspectives is a market research and recruiting company with a full-service focus group facility servicing Louisiana, Washington DC, Houston, and the Gulf Coast. Companies looking to test new products, hear jury feedback, gather medical research data, etc. can focus on running the research, while New Orleans Perspectives facilitates the recruitment and running of focus groups.

Their primary lines of service are:

- Purpose-built facilities with one-way mirrors

- Participant recruitment

- Host focus groups in off-site locations with an A/V setup for remote watching.

Number of employees



$1.2 million



Executive Summary

The Business Need

New Orleans Perspectives, a market research and recruiting company with a full-service focus group facility servicing Louisiana, Washington DC, Houston, and the Gulf Coast, has niche scheduling requirements and operates in 3 time zones. Recognizing that quality, speed of service, and reliability are a competitive edge, New Orleans Perspectives sought ways to optimize and automate their scheduling system. By choosing DataCose to help find solutions and implement custom software automation, they were able to improve performance, eliminate scheduling errors and reduce the pressure to hire additional people. This saved them $200 per week on labor costs alone, allowed them to get more work done, and improved their brand reputation.


Nonmonetary Benefits reported by New Orleans Perspectives

- Deliver work more quickly and consistently
- Redued pressure to hire new employees
- Improved reputation

Challenges and Objectives

Coordinating case studies requires unique scheduling features missing in most scheduling software. The Louisiana company initially settled on Acuity Scheduling after searching through dozens of scheduling apps. “It worked, but not without multiple pain points”, says Chris Cantrall, VP of New Orleans Perspectives. Divorced from their database, every appointment had to be entered into Acuity and manually recorded in Airtable, and the email templates weren’t really perfect for our needs where every focus group is a little different.”

“Hours of time were being wasted, and mistakes would pile up, especially when we were busy. Data would be lost. Records duplicated. People added to wrong appointments.”

“It was not only a headache, but a hit to our brand reputation”

New Orleans Perspectives tried “every major scheduling tool on the market.” All of them failed “in some key way. Sometimes in many key ways.” Their VP was looking for the perfect tool for his niche, but could not find general-purpose software that fit his business needs.

How DataCose Helped and Results Achieved

Mr. Cantrall scheduled a call with DataCose, a software automation company.

Speaking with one of our solution architects, Mr. Cantrall discussed his company’s processes and issues to help the engineers at DataCose understand every unique pain point.

With a big picture understanding of their goals, DataCose was able to build a custom solution in Airtable, eliminating Acuity Scheduling.

They can now schedule appointments, send participants personalized emails and SMS reminders from highly customizable templates, and effortlessly manage participant attendance in day-to-day operations as well as storing records long-term to gauge the reliability of individual participants (e.g. no show, late arrival, on time).

Why New Orleans Perspectives chose DataCose

New Orleans Perspectives continues working closely with DataCose, finding new avenues for optimization. Chris says:

Expertise & Flexibility

“I have ideas, DataCose helps refine them and bring them to fruition. But even when I have only a vague idea of what I want, we can use our collective strength to come up with a creative solution.”


“The level of communication is excellent. I’ve never received anything other than an immediate response to any email.”


“It feels like a partnership. DataCose as a business is run like I’d want to run my business. And that makes me want to work with them. The timeline exceeded my expectations.”


With perfect reliability and the elimination of double data entry, Chris says:

“Instead of losing all that data compromising with Acuity just to get appointments out to emails, we now have a system that works for us and allows us to collect more meaningful data on focus group participants and allow them to more deeply engage with our brand.”
“We save absolutely massive amounts of time. I’ve estimated that we save 10 hours a week over our previous system – that’s roughly $200 a week. And we save even more in terms of our reputation in being able to deliver work more quickly and more consistently.”

Continued Collaboration

New Orleans Perspectives continues working closely with DataCose, finding new avenues for optimization.

Seeing the final product of the appointment system and how well it worked really convinced us to dive deeper with DataCose, so if I could go back knowing what I know now, I’d be throwing out even more ideas even sooner.