A Start Up Application to Schedule 
Unique Mystery Experiences

- Designed and Developed a Database

- Developed an Intuitive Booking Interface

- Automated Experience Recommendations

- Automated Notifications and Alerts

- Unique Client Portal

- Manages User and Vendor Calendars

When it comes to communication and competence, DataCose has displayed both in droves. They are extremely systematic, clear, and pleasant to work with. Every hurdle we ran into was met not only with respect and professionalism, but with collaborative creativity. DataCose shows time and time again how well they understand the ultimate goal of what I was trying to build with Renaissance Club, and has kept it in mind with every line of code. What we’ve built is, in my mind, quite spectacular and exciting.



Cost savings

More than $20,000 for the first year and more over time.

Time savings

1,000 hours for the first year and more over time.

Tools Used

Typeform, Airtable, Mailchimp, Twilio, Sendgrid, Stripe, DataCose Automation Framework (DCAF)

About Renaissance Club

Renaissance Club is a subscription service that books, prepays, pre-registers, and sends people on mystery experiences throughout Los Angeles. This company has been established for people who are looking for new connections and experiences.

Executive Summary

The Business Need

Being a company offering mystery experiences with more than one hundred vendors, Renaissance Club was looking to optimize and streamline their booking process. By choosing DataCose to design and implement an Airtable base, automate dozens of processes, and provide experience recommendations tailored to each individual user, Renaissance Club was able to streamline their workflow, eliminate manual errors, and increase customer satisfaction with targeted recommendations.


Nonmonetary Benefits Reported by Renaissance Club

- Our productivity increased and now it's 10x faster to book clients and manage their accounts than it was manually.
- We now stand out from our competitors.
- The system has officially put the Renaissance Club on the map as the ONLY service of this kind in the world.
- Improved reputation and client experience.

Challenges and Objectives

What challenges and/or goals led you to look for a solution?

"The friction that it takes for people to find, research, schedule, pay for, and book themselves for a wide variety of new experiences is enough that people too often don’t."

Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, why didn’t they work out?

"Other solutions like FeverUp, Viator, Eventbrite, etc. reduce some of this friction, butultimately not enough to cause people to try things outside their comfort zone too often. For that, we need a smart, custom, and flexible Renaissance Club."

How DataCose Helped and Results Achieved

Which part of the solution or process has proved to be the most valuable?

The system’s ability to speed up the process of booking people for experiences in a way that is mutually valuable to the company and to the member.

Has the custom solution been reliable?

It has been extremely effective and reliable.

How much time do you save per week using the solution over the previous?

I can’t even imagine. Probably 10-20 hours at least with our current customer base, but this number will compound as we grow.

Why Renaissance Club chose DataCose

Communication and competence

The timeline exceeded my expectations, mostly because of changes and features I requested. This has been a tremendous learning process for which there has been no roadmap to follow.


"When it comes to cost, DataCose have been more than generous and reasonable with their time. Their cost calculation is very fair, and I certainly got the bang for my buck considering the tremendous and flexible system (and the learning) that’s come out of this price tag."

Continued Collaboration

Renaissance Club continues working with the DataCose team and is constantly looking for new automation opportunities and optimization ideas.

"Ethical issues aside, I hope DataCose would be open to cloning themselves so an LA version could exist to help us full time once we’re able to afford such a thing. The DataCose team is wildly creative, open minded, and is adverse to the word “impossible”. For people with big, wild ideas, DataCose has proven they can be an essential player in the developmental side of things, and I would recommend them 10 times over to anyone!"