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Every type and size of business needs project management software. When you realize that running your household is much like a business, you will find that using these platforms at home will free up valuable time.

As Airtable consultants, we wanted to give you insight into one of the best workflow applications available on the market, why you might need it, and how you and your business can benefit from using it. Airtable has a great free toolkit, but larger corporations may need professional Airtable consultants to handle complex integrations and more extensive database services. Read further to get a good overview of the top free project management software platform on the market.

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Why You Need Project Management Software

When using PMS or project management software, every situation is unique. Your management team knows exactly where your organization's weak points are located. Talk to them to determine how these areas can be better managed. For example, perhaps several departments have difficulty tracking time and correlating it to workflow; using PMS will alleviate these issues.

When searching out the best systems to improve your project management for your team, don't get overwhelmed by all the fantastic functions these applications can offer you. Instead, focus on your list of goals and start from there. Find the solution that works best for the issues at hand. Even if the application lists unique other features, you can explore these later. Start with resolutions to your current issues as a factor in making your decision.

There is a critical point to discuss with your management team. PMS platforms are not designed to replace them. For example, excel made accounting more manageable, but it hasn't replaced accountants. Likewise, the tools provided by your chosen PMS are not intended to replace your management team but to make their current jobs more manageable and free up their focus on more critical tasks.

Choosing project management software improves these key areas:

  • Planning
  • Task Management
  • Collaborate
  • Prioritize and Schedule
  • Problem Resolution

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based system for data storage. Simply put, it is known as the "spreadsheet of the future." However, Airtable is more than spreadsheets - it takes all the best features of a spreadsheet and the power of a database and combines them.

As human beings, we naturally want to see visualizations of data. Imagine viewing the data from a robust database in easy-to-understand graphics. The workhorse platform can deliver this and much more. Airtable can be integrated with other software, including Slack, Trello, Facebook, and more. The number of integrations available is nearly endless.

Airtable continues to amaze businesses as it is an all-inclusive platform that can be used as a CRM or customer relationship management tool, like project management software, task management, inventory management, collaboration, and communication. Data is delivered in real-time. Airtable is so intuitive and robust that more than 8% of the Fortune 500 use Airtable.

Costs: Airtable Includes Free Project Management Software

Even if you are unsure or working through as much freeware as possible till your company gets off the ground, Airtable is for you. It may be the one thing that puts your business on the map. The best things in life are free, so free project management software tools that boost your business and profits are no-brainers.

The intelligent, robust project management software and database tool have a hardy and significant freeware version. The free base-version includes access through the mobile app, unlimited databases, and 1,200 records per database. In addition, each base can handle up to 2GB of attachments and data. This is a fantastic boost for many small businesses.

If only more great things in life could be free. Giving a free project management software tool a trial might surprise you. As your business grows due to your ability to manage time, tasks, employees, projects, and more, you will be glad you included a PMS in your business toolkit. Once you outgrow the free version, paid versions to give you access to many more features, templates, and more.

The company does offer tremendous discounts for nonprofits and educational organizations that fall under 501(c)(3) organization. These can include discounts up to 50% on both the Plus and Pro plan, boosting outreach, and saving money. Specific qualifications must be met for this discount: no political activity, no religious affiliation, and non-government.

Top Airtable Features

If the idea that most Fortune 100 companies choose Airtable as a collaborative project management software isn't enough to convince you, then perhaps the top features used on the platform will. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Security: You expect top security from any application your business works in conjunction with your data. Airtable includes SSO or single sign-on integrations, two-factor authentication (2FA), and advanced account permissions.
  • Project Planning and Management: Your management team will feel like leaders as their teams successfully finish project after project – on time and under budget. Features include task scheduling, prioritization, shared team calendars, resource management, time tracking, and many free templates.
  • Collaboration: Today is the world of remote work. We've been heading in this direction for a long time, and now that remote workforces have proven themselves, they are here to stay. Airtable has some of the best collaboration tools of any project management software available. It allows for accessible team communication, file sharing, team dashboards, on-the-go mobile applications, and real-time data access.
  • Workflow Automation: Instill confidence in your team members through workflow automation. Reduce repetition, tedious time eaters, and other tasks that your members trudge through. With these automation features, you free your team to do more critical work, instilling a sense of belonging and accomplishment.
  • Document Storage: With Airtable, users can store most file types. This could include documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos, and more.
  • Budgets: Stay on track with project budgets using the built-in budget tools.
  • Integrations: Allow your team to continue to use their other favorite work applications. If your team uses Twitter, Slack, Trello, Facebook, BaseCamp, Zoom, or any other work application, it can be wholly integrated into your Airtable system.

Named Best Project Management Software for Beginners

With its great free plan, the costs remain minimal for the plus plan at $12 per month. When PC Magazine reviewed the top PMSs, it gave Airtable 4 out of 5, deemed excellent. The review also stated, "Airtable may be the simplest database tool you ever use. It lets you and your team easily collaborate and manage information about anything at all." Mashable gave Airtable glowing reviews, too. The bottom line in their study stated, "Perfect for people new to project management software." The article continued to rave about the intuitive, friendly user design, "A beautiful interface with tons of features for newbie project managers and pros alike."

When You Need Professional Airtable Consultants

Airtable offers immense insight and strategy tools to help small businesses, organizations, and even households as a free project management software. The Plus version is also relatively inexpensive. In addition, Airtable comes with many great templates, forums and can integrate with most other business tools and platforms available. So why would you need a professional Airtable consultant if it is all so easy? The number one reason is keeping your data viable and secure. Data is the foundation of any business.

Corporations may have extensive databases and need the assurance that all integrations are installed and working correctly to maintain their data in an accurate and secure database. Airtable consultants can also review, suggest, and custom code unique automation or other integrations that may be required. For many companies, their data is their most valuable asset. When your business plans to incorporate multiple integrations, automate a workflow or need some unique services included in your database and Airtable, contact DataCose and their team of expert Airtable consultants. DataCose and their Airtable team can provide project management software solutions with their advanced software development talents.

For all your Airtable integrations needs, workflow automation needs, or e-commerce solutions, call DataCose.

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