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Scrum project management is a methodology for breaking down processes in software development or other technical projects. It is an agile project management method. In scrum management, the team leader is called a Scrum master. It is the job of the leader to lead short cycles of work of blocked out time called sprints. The leader assigns tasks and discusses any issues that need to be resolved with the team.

Scrum methodology is a form of agile project management. Agile management generally takes a large project and breaks it up into manageable smaller ones. Agile also supports smaller teams that are focused on collaboration and equality in contributing to a fully working end product.  Read further to learn more about what agile project management includes, what core values are included in scrum, and where you can hire a scrum project leader or team for your next project.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Scrum Project Management?
  2. Building Company Standards with Scrum Core Values
  3. Five Core Values of Scrum
  4. Six Scrum Principles to Live By
  5. Finding Experienced Scrum Project Team Management

What is Scrum Project Management?

Scrum project management is hot for business teams everywhere. What is it? How do you get started? Scrum isn’t a tangible thing; it is more a management style. It is built on a framework of respect that helps teams work together more effectively.

Scrum is short for scrummage from the sport rugby. It is designed to have teams work together and self-organize while working on a problem. It encourages your members to communicate and discuss when they have a positive and negative outcome to continuously improve future projects.

Scrum project management is popular with software development teams. It has at its core certain principles and values, that we could all learn to live by every day. We all know that what we expect of ourselves isn’t always what we receive in the real world. By putting these behavior and ethical standards of expectations on the team, it creates a safe environment for everyone to freely express their ideas, contribute to the project, and feel like they will be heard. When a team is all-inclusive to hear all ideas on the table, it becomes unstoppable.

Building Company Standards with Scrum Core Values

Scrum is considered one of the most effective methods of team management available today. Why does Scrum work so well? Scrum works well on team because it is built on a foundation of real values. When you encourage your team members to reach their full potential, using real motivation, ideas, and principals, then you receive their very best work – always.

Typically, there are five key scrum values that you should expect from your team. These are also very basic values that you likely expect out of most people in your life. When you deliver to others on your team the same, demonstrating that they, too can expect you to demonstrate these values, it can be a very powerful management strategy.

Five Core Values of Scrum

There are five core values consistently expected of all team members in scrum management. The values make the workplace more comfortable for people to contribute, to collaborate, to speak up when they see an error, and to encourage teammates. The five core values are:

  • Commitment
  • Openness
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Courage

As you can see, these are the same values you teach your own children. Expecting this basic level of commitment from everyone on your team isn’t challenging. It does make everyone feel comfortable that they will be respected and heard when they have something to contribute. These core values are the basis of the scrum principles.

Six Scrum Principles to Live By

The world and our workflows are ever-changing. In order to compete, we have to by dynamic, fluid. Our team has to be able to work together and change direction as needed. Scrum methodology does have a core set of principles which help to bring this fluidity into your team. Here are the six basic principles and how they impact teamwork.

  • Collaboration: This shouldn’t even have to be mentioned, but it’s a T-E-A-M. In order to deliver a team project, you must be able to interact, communicate, and work together effectively to deliver a top-notch product.
  • Self-Organization Skills: If this isn’t in your skillset, learn it. Every team member will take ownership of their tasks, are accountable for their contribution to the team, and deliverables.
  • Time-Boxing: Every task is assigned a finite amount of time in which it is to be accomplished. Team members are responsible to have tasks finished within the finite time box. These are often referred to as sprints.
  • Value-based Priorities: Project managers work with their teams to prioritize any backlogs and sprints to complete the highest priority tasks.
  • Iterative Development: Scrum methodology is created to allow teams to freely adapt to change and have the ability to quickly iterate new ideas.
  • Empirical Process Control: Routinely have reviews over the scope of projects with your team and adapt your workflow according to your project needs and any changes that occur along the way to completion.

Finding Experienced Scrum Project Team Management

Today’s business is moving at a rapid pace. You might already be looking into building a new eCommerce solution or a company portal. You could be considering an overhaul of your workflow to add automation. Every company is facing many technology changes as they expand, grow, and take on new projects. Projects also need project managers. This comes with the need to find, hire, and get to know a new team leader. Your HR manager will tell you that this position might take some time to fill.

Many times, projects are short term. What will your new project manager do for your company when your new tech is up and running? Will you find another place for them in your company and maintain their high salary and benefits? Will they be happy in a position outside of their designated specialty? There are other options.

At DataCose, we have the tech team members that you need for your short-term or long-term projects. This includes scrum project managers. We have UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, top-level coders, data management specialists, workflow management specialists and automation experts. We can help you with your project. Our services can even include our Tech Team in a Box. You can hire an entire team to build a project for your business. Fill out the form below. We love to listen to your ideas. It is a free consult, a conversation. We can tell you how we can help solve your business issues. Let’s talk!

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