How Workflow Automation Improves ROI and Boosts DEI Programs

Workflow automation is more than what was initially imagined years ago. The fears of giant robots coming in to take over all the jobs from humankind are long gone.

Workflow automation instead enhances productivity and engagement for our work. It makes employees' work more manageable, allows them to be more productive, and boosts motivation. Workflow automation adds to the productivity levels overall and boots ROIs. The benefits are significant. Read on to find out how adding automation can help improve ROIs, boost diversity programs, improve employee morale, and more!

Table of Contents:

  1. How Workflow Automation Impacts Employee Engagement
  2. Automation Begins in HR
  3. Automation Improves Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Training, Onboarding, and Welcoming Employees with Automation
  5. Workflow Automation Builds Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Empowerment
  6. Well-Developed End-to-End Workflow Automation Supercharges ROIs
  7. How to Get Started Building Workflow Automation

How Workflow Automation Impacts Employee Engagement

Every business wants happy, engaged, and productive employees. A positive work environment is beneficial to everyone, including the company's reputation and overall bottom line. What is surprising is that in today's modern age, with all the technology we have available at our fingertips, according to IUPath’s recent 2021 Office Worker Survey, "67% of global office workers feel crushed by doing repetitive tasks."

While we realize that everyone feels overworked, the study uncovered something vitally important and often overlooked—the real human-added value of workflow automation.

Nearly 60% of office workers globally and 70% of US office workers feel frustrated and unable to keep up with helping customers efficiently. As a result, they cannot attend to the multiple time-consuming tasks.

When you consider that each of these office workers, on average, spend an entire 8 hours or more per week doing tasks that could easily be automated, giving them the ability to assist more customers effectively and feel better about their work, then why not? Suppose your office worker makes the average wage of $25.39 an hour (national average). Would you care more if it meant that you were losing $13,202.88 annually on this production decision?

Automation Begins in HR

When you decide to cut those wasted work hours on your office workers' desks, don't forget that it is more than about the dollars for company profits. It is about building a better workplace for everyone. If you want to do this right, you will need a workflow automation specialist to help you from the bottom – up.

Start in HR. You would be amazed at the amount of savings and added ROI benefits you would see if you included automation in your HR department. The amount of time from start to hire would be shortened dramatically. Your HR team can be freed from redundant, repetitious tasks to work directly with your workforce, develop training programs, and create a great work environment.

Automation Improves Diversity and Inclusion

Still, using automation in your hiring decisions will raise your DEI in HR. Today's top companies value diversity and inclusion. Yet, despite our best attempts as human beings, we have unconscious biases that we don't even realize exist. Using AI and automation to screen your resumes will remove any data that can influence decision-making outside the parameters of education, ability, and experience.

Training, Onboarding, and Welcoming Employees with Automation

When you use automation platforms for your onboarding and training programs, you can monitor access and ensure that all employees receive identical training. Automation does not have to be cold and impersonal. Just like going online and shopping at your favorite store, automated programs can have great UX design, excellent interfaces, and real interactivity that can encourage employees, teach new skills, introduce them as part of the team, and make them feel welcome at the company.

Workflow Automation Builds Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Empowerment

For many years managers were thought of as brutes and used ‘extrinsic motivation’ and a stick to get workers to get things done. Those days are long past. Today's business managers are optimistic and use self-empowerment and work to build intrinsic motivation in their employees to get them to want to do better and to feel engaged and interested in their work.

Adding workflow automation takes on the redundant, repetitive tasks that put employees in a time crunch. It gives employees more power over their time to be more creative and feel like they can do a better job and make a difference at the company.

Adding workflow automation motivates workers in the following ways:

  • Builds trust and respect
  • Develops creative solutions
  • Allow greater autonomy
  • Offer flexible working options
  • Create an enjoyable workplace culture
  • Encourage learning opportunities
  • Offer praise often
  • Design a reward system

Well-Developed End-to-End Workflow Automation Supercharges ROIs

Automated workflows do not stop in HR. You can take automation through your sales, marketing, customer service, and every other company area. Consider that every employee is currently wasting at minimum one 8-hour day in all departments. Some employees can be wasting as much as 60% of their workweek on redundant, repetitive tasks that could be fully automated, then stop to consider how much money you are simply burning.

If these same employees were tasked with other areas of their jobs, your productivity could nearly double! Talk about boosting your ROIs – you could be going supercharged! When you work with workflow automation specialists to transform your company and add automation throughout your company, your employees are more engaged, happier, and feel more respected. On the corporate side, the profits are much higher; growth potential is more significant, and the company's reputation is higher.

How to Get Started Building Workflow Automation

When you are ready to consider adding workflow automation to your corporate structure, talk to DataCose! We have the tech team in place that includes the variety of specialists needed to handle the automation from start to finish. From UX design, dashboards, and custom code to training – we are top in developing custom workflow automations, custom integration platforms and helping companies supercharge their ROIs.

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